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A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing

Introduce A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing, living up to its name, is a challenging indie game for those who crave a test of their virtual climbing skills. Inspired by the likes of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, this game strips things down to focus purely on the climb.


This indie game throws you right into the heart of the action games. You control a climber's hands, navigating them across a treacherous mountain face. Every crevice, ledge, and hold becomes a test of strategy and precision. Slippery surfaces, awkward handholds, and surprise challenges await, demanding quick reflexes and a cool head. One wrong move sends you tumbling down, forcing you to start your ascent anew.


Who created this climbing game?

A Difficult Game About Climbing is the brainchild of Pontypants, an indie developer who clearly understands the allure of a good, old-fashioned challenge.

How to play A Difficult Game About Climbing?

Play A Difficult Game About Climbing online

A Difficult Game About Climbing free online version is currently available at:

It's a solo journey of grit and determination, forcing you to rely on your own skills to conquer the mountain.

How to control character

You'll utilize your mouse or gamepad to control your climber's hands. Mastering the physics and momentum of each move is key to making progress.

Why it become popular on twitch?

So what makes A Difficult Game About Climbing a hit on Twitch?

The game's combination of simple mechanics, brutal difficulty, and the constant threat of falling creates a uniquely compelling experience for both players and viewers. Watching streamers rage, strategize, and finally conquer a particularly difficult section is a recipe for entertainment. It's a game that's both fun to play and entertaining to watch, making it a natural fit for the streaming platform.

So, if you're looking for a climbing game that cuts to the core and offers a truly rewarding challenge, A Difficult Game About Climbing free online might be your perfect match. Just be prepared for a wild ride filled with exhilarating climbs and spectacular (and sometimes hilarious) falls.

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